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New customers 10% discount, code: Kasibie
New customers 10% discount, code: Kasibie

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    Cat Litter Box Enclosure with LED Lights,Fit Most of Litter Box,Litter Box Furniture Hidden Door,Cat House Side Table,Night Stand Pet House,Indoor Cat House,

    by Kasibie
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    😽pet-friendly: Keep a litter box in the cabinet below so your kitten will have a private bathroom and your home will smell less. Putting a cat bed and some toys in the pen will have a nice quiet place for your kitten to nap.
    😽 fits most litter boxes: Measuring 17.7 "long x 17.7" wide x 25.6 "high, the cat furniture is large enough to accommodate most litter boxes and avoid litter spills.
    😽 One-piece pet furniture: Not only is it a litter box, it doubles as a house for the cat. At the same time, you can use it as an end table or coffee table next to the sofa because of its stylish furniture style, or put cute plants on it to liven up your home.
    😽 Even more intimate details: The cat entrance can be installed on the left or right side for easy use by you and your cat. Dual cabinet doors allow you to scoop cat litter daily, making it easier to store cat food. Waterproof finishes make cleaning a breeze.
    😽Easy assembly:Follow the installation instructions after receiving the product. It is estimated that it will take 30 minutes to complete the assemble. (The actual time spent depends on your speed).
    颜色: 木纹棕色