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    How To Pick The Right Wooden Furniture

    Wooden furniture is always in a class of its own. If chosen carefully, it can be a highly prized antique piece going down several generations.

    If you are planning to own a piece of wooden furniture or a complete set, do not rush into the purchase. You should do your research and follow a proper plan before embarking on shopping for wooden pieces.

    In general, specially made furniture like Amish furniture is not only made of high-quality wood but is also of the finest design to ensure that it will last you a lifetime and more.

    One of the most important things to consider in the selection of wooden furniture is the type of wood used in the making of the piece.

    There are two categories of wood used. One is hardwood, which comes from trees that shed their leaves seasonally and the other is softwood, which comes from trees that never lose their leaves. Examples of hardwood are oak and teak, which can make furniture heavy. Other fine hardwoods are walnut, mahogany, maple, and cherry. Hardwood furniture tends to be far more expensive than softwood furniture. Softwood is used for simpler furniture pieces, though in most cases a combination of both types of wood is used for a better result.

    Test the strength of the furniture to check if it is long-lasting. If you are keen on buying wooden dining items, check that every dining chair is strong. Ensure that every leg of the table is equally sized. Also, if the furniture has drawers, open and close them to test their quality.

    You have to ensure that each part of the furniture functions well. Creaking cabinet doors or lopsided dining tables need to be banished from your selection. The bonding used for the furniture is important too as it decides the longevity of the joints of different parts.

    The type of finishing used in furniture marks the quality and look of the furniture. For shine, oil or wax finishing is used while durability is enhanced by lacquer or varnish finishing. You can find out how well polished the furniture is by running your hand over it. You might miss the rough spots in the glare of the light in the shop, but will be able to find imperfections by looking for them.

    In general, good-quality pieces made of wood tend to be very expensive. You should have a proper budget in mind before you enter the furniture stores. If you want furniture made of fine wood and has a unique design, you may have to spend some extra money. Also, if the furniture will be used very often, you are better off purchasing expensive, but durable items. You have to find a balance between money constraints and the quality of the furniture.

    Finally, take a good look at the room in which you are planning to place the furniture. You should get an idea of the size of the furniture you should buy from the size of the room and the space available before deciding on anything. Remember, design is everything!
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