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New customers 10% discount, code: Kasibie
New customers 10% discount, code: Kasibie


    • Organize Makeup Cabinet with Lights - Kasibie
      May 16, 2022

      How to organize and decorate your vanity?

      How to organize and decorate your vanity cabinet?Your vanity cabinet may probably your favorite little corner in your house, where every morning begins and every night ends. The key step is setting it up in a way that’s most convenient...

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    • Tips for Choosing Right Makeup Vanity with Lights - Kasibie
      May 5, 2022

      Vanity Set buying guide

      Vanity Set, are most often found in a girl's bedroom or in the master bedroom. This decorative piece of furniture allows you to get ready with all your accessories at hand. Vanity Set are available in a range of shapes...

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    • Right Wooden Furniture with LED Lights - Kasibie
      April 26, 2022

      How To Pick The Right Wooden Furniture

      Wooden furniture is always in a class of its own. If chosen carefully, it can be a highly prized antique piece going down several generations.If you are planning to own a piece of wooden furniture or a complete set, do...

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    • Minimalist Furniture and Lighting Ideas - Kasibie
      April 12, 2022

      Making A Small Space Look Bigger

      Minimalism has been one of the top design trends in the home improvement space since the beginning of the past year. Creative principles based on building the best homes through adaptability and sustainability has become all the rave, and rightly...

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    • Modern Decorative Mirrors with Lights - Kasibie
      April 1, 2022

      How Mirrors are Made - Then and Now

      We all use mirrors every day and so it is easy to take them for granted. Most houses feature several mirrors and it is hard to go anywhere without walking past mirrors all the time. It is difficult to imagine...

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    • Modern Era TV Stand with Lights for Decor - Kasibie
      March 29, 2022

      TV Stands ideas for the home

      Your TV stand is truly the centerpiece of your home. When you place one in your living room, it immediately becomes the heart of all social activity in the house. Whether you’re watching a movie with your family, catching this...

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